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Strategic Plan 2018-2021


Spread The Knowledge


The Altona & District Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to encouraging a healthy and prosperous business community, and providing supportive resources for business owners and organizations.


Action Items

Continue to foster business community culture and understand the challenges and issues facing our local businesses.

1)     Advocate for business in partnership with local government, and develop a procedure to ensure businesses are aware of all tender opportunities

2)     Review and comprehend local municipal spending, and continue to develop knowledge for provincial and federal programs

3)     Host public policy informational sessions to address business community issues, and connect Chamber members with key elected officials and decision makers


Continue to educate students of the many local employment opportunities after graduation from high school or post-secondary education, and increase business community presence in schools.


1)     Expand on the Local Career Showcase in conjunction with local high schools Post-Secondary Day to increase students engagement

2)     Provide opportunities for businesses to present and interact with specific Red River Technical Vocational Area programs

3)     Investigate opportunities to connect junior high students with local employers


Continue to host quarterly Lunch & Learn seminars based on the needs and interests of Chamber members. 


1)     Continue to investigate opportunities to educate our businesses

2)     Continue to build partnerships with organizations that specialize in educating and supporting businesses




Promote Local Business


The Altona & District Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting economic growth in our region.


Action Items

Continue our successful promotional programs and look for new, exciting promotions to generate attraction to local businesses.


1)      Continue to build on the Chamber Bucks program by recommending businesses use it for employee bonus or gift opportunities

2)      Maintain the Welcome Program while looking to develop further efficiencies

3)      Host a Summer restaurant promotion to bring awareness to our great local restaurants

4)      Host a Christmas Holiday retail promotion to reinforce the importance of shopping local


Communicate and raise awareness of what our members have to offer.


1) Continue to utilize our e-newsletters, social media platforms and website to connect with businesses, the local community and prospective visitors

2) Develop connections with local sporting tournaments and events to help visitors know what great options are available


Host events which celebrate, acknowledge and promote local businesses.


1)     Offer ribbon cutting and promotional services to Chamber member businesses to be recognized in the community for opening a new business, expanding their business or celebrating anniversaries

2)     Investigate the feasibility of hosting Business After Hours events which are held to provide an opportunity for Chamber members to network while allowing the host business a chance to address and showcase their facilities

3)     Continue to host the Awards Banquet with more emphasis on celebrating and promoting local businesses

4)     Look for opportunities to promote and drive traffic to our local businesses during existing community events




Be the Voice


The Altona & District Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to advocating for a healthy business environment, protecting the interests of businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.


Action Items

Continue building partnerships with all levels of government, and participate on relevant committees to ensure business’s interests are considered.

1)     Continue to meet with local, municipal and provincial governments to advocate the needs of our local businesses

2)     Continue to meet with  the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce to discuss the issues and concerns facing our local businesses


Continue to meet regularly with Chamber members to learn about their challenges, and customize management of member relationships to fit member needs and interests.

1) Connect with a minimum of fourteen (14) members a month to ensure their voice is being heard and any issues are addressed

2) Look to make member to member or member industry connections to develop stronger local relationships and better business community


Find programs that add value to the Chamber’s Members Only Benefit Package, and educate members and potential members on how being a Chamber member can benefit their business.


1) Continue to reassess how the Chamber provides value for its membership, and ensure members appreciate the return on investment

2) Continue to build on our new Chamber model to show true value to our local businesses

3) Continue to explore ways and best practices to reach out to increase member engagement


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